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I used to and still see that any company, whatever its size and multiplicity of its business, reflects the thought, line, and vision of its founder. So, I, as a founder of this entity, want personally and directly to address the visitor of this website away from formalities and to transfer what is on my mind simply to let the visitor interacts and understands what I’m suggesting from thoughts, projects, and deals in both directions; i.e, interaction is required from the two parties, I and you.  

You mustn’t waste your time inventing things that people don’t buy

“Thomas Edison” Entrepreneur and inventor
How to Start..?

I work personally and sometimes in alliance with partners under the umbrella of “Vibes Holding Company” on searching for unique, innovative, unprecedented investment opportunities to enter as a co-founder and provide support and oversee its development especially companies with high success rate opportunities lead by inspired leader who has a vision and capable and has big believe in his project that he provided, and what he needs is just supporting his project financially and morally.

I look for unique deals and opportunities
Passion is the base of what I do
I appreciate creative ideas
I listen carefully for details
What I believe in..?

Strategic Relationship

I look for a permanent and strategic relationship and prefer to enter smart startup companies that create solutions for problems and have a scalable business model and distinguished working group. Also, I prefer companies that have generated financial returns, even minor financial results.
About the founder

Salem Almasrahi

Salem Almasrahi
Salem Almasrahi
Founder – Board Chairman
Engineer Salem Dhaifallah Almasrahi resigned from working at Saudi Aramco in 2001 to devote himself to trade, and preceded that step by opening the first coffee shop in the Kingdom to provide Internet service in the Corniche of Dammam in 1996 before the official entry of the Internet to the Kingdom, where the service was provided through communication with the State of Bahrain and the watch was then sold for 50 Saudi riyals, and after the entry of the Internet to the Kingdom and its availability easily the number of cafes increased; so he decided to sell the coffee shop and went to the commercial brokerage activity and decided to devote full time to it and established a year 2001 AD and individually a brokerage institution, and began work through 3 international offices in (Beirut, Florida and Zhengzhou, China) and was expanded in China and his institution turned into a commercial group consisting of several activities specialized in mediation to open another office in the city of Ewu – China.
Wither you have a pitch-deck, project, existing business and want to expand it or even quick deal